Our Staff


Our Staff

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Nathan Britton

Senior Pastor

Office: (740) 446-2607

Faith Baptist Church is led by Nathan Britton who has been the Pastor since September of 2015.  Nathan has a passion for preaching the Word of God in line with its historic, literal context.  His desire is that Faith Baptist Church serve faithfully, and in line with the faith handed down once for all.  


Nathan married his wife Katrina on May 19, 2012.  They currently have five children: Isaac who was born in February of 2013, Josiah who was born in June of 2014, Adoniah who was born in August of 2015,  Silas who was born in March of 2017, and Hosanna who was born in August of 2019.


Nathan received a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science from Hillsdale College and a Masters in Biblical Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary.  Katrina holds an Associates Degree in Theology and a certificate of Spanish language proficiency.  Since her marriage to Nathan in May, Katrina has found great enjoyment in being a wife, homemaker, and mother!

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Matthew Hock

Associate Pastor


Pastor Matt leads the outreach and youth ministries at Faith Baptist, while  also acting as personal assistant to the senior pastor.   Joined by his wife Hannah, Matthew is dedicated to discipleship and is eager to build redemptive relationships through which he can practically share the love of Christ.  Matthew's heart for missions can be traced back to his experiences growing up on the mission field in Montevideo, Uruguay.  He received his bachelors degree, in 2016, in Bible and Theology and Interdisciplinary Studies through Northland International University and Appalachian Bible College (ABC).  

Matthew and Hannah were married in December 2016 after meeting and cultivating a relationship at ABC.  Originally from Jamestown, New York, Hannah graduated with the same degree as Matthew.  She enjoys working with children, baking, crafting, shopping, playing cello and loves her kitten, “Cinder."